Saturday, February 4, 2012

Current Pic / Meal Plan Example

Hey guys, I'm exactly 9 weeks out today. I weighed in at 163.4lbs. this morning! Feeling good, just getting ready to go to work. I figured I'd post up one of the pics I took today. Even though I'm Canadian, I work with a team in the states called 3D Muscle Journey:

These guys are awesome, and I definitely recommend hiring a coach if you want to optimize your training. I wish I would of done it years ago.

Anyway, here's the pic from this morning, ignore my goofy ass smile :)

9 Weeks Out
PS - If anyone knows where a Canadian can buy some good red sweat material shorts online, let me know!! I found this pair at winners, but they are Large and I'd like to have a Small pair!!


Here's a meal plan example, I eat this on Tuesday sometimes:

Alright, off to work!! 9 Weeks Out video comin this week:) Gonna be some deadlifts, and some kitchen stuff!!


  1. looking good for 9 weeks out! I'm gonna do a show next year when i can cook my own food for a prep cause right now i have to have a meal plan at the dining hall. what did you use to calculate the macros for your spreadsheet?

  2. Thanks bro! Deciding to do a show really motivates you to get your shit organized, I've learned that haha :D.

    I actually made my spreadsheets myself. I have about 4-5 different ones for different purposes throughout my prep. I probably have about 40-50 printed off meal plans. It's a bit ridiculous lol!

    I'll do a screen video of my spreadsheets and how I calculate my calories later this week.

  3. It would be great to see how you put your spreadsheet together, what does this multiplyer factor means?

  4. you look great man i remember i used to look here frequently since you had similar lifts but you seem to have blown your transformation out of the water! i wish i understood dieting to that kind of complexity keep it up.

  5. by the way just watched your other vids on youtube you love getting people in full mount! haha

  6. I'm planning on making a video with my spreadsheets this week!!

    ae86 what's up dude! Yea I didn't post for a long time and I lost a bunch of fat hahah:D. You still liftin??