Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eating on the Fly

Hey! I wanted to make a quick post about eating when you're in a rush/not at home. It's something holding a lot of people back from gaining a decent amount of muscle. It's super important to get your meals in!! You want to eliminate any period of catabolism(the state your body is in when it breaks down your own muscle for energy)
from your day.

The Importance of Tupperware!
The first thing I did that changed everything about my dieting was I went out and bought some good tupperware. I got good quality, microwaveable pieces. I use the shit out of these things! Going to work? I pack a couple. Going to my girlfriends house for the night? I pack a couple. Going on a roadtrip? I back a cooler bag full of them!!! Even if I don't need to use them they are there, so that I don't go long without good quality food!!

I like to get up well before work and weigh out some meals in the morning. Then I have my meals packed and ready for any moment!
My trusty scale.

Weighing out meals for the day(s) ahead!

This will last me for an 8 hour shift, as long as I eat before I go and when I get home :-)

So now you have no excuse for not eating while at work/school/on a date!!! And don't give me that shit about not having time at work. If you could see how many "bathroom breaks" I've went on just so I could go cram rice and cold chicken down my throat, then you wouldn't be whining!!!!! Yes sometimes eating properly can get a little ugly, but that's part of what makes it feel like such an accomplishment :-)

Quick Meal!
Sometimes I get stuck watching workout videos or browsing reddit too long and I realize I have to leave for work/appointments/hot dates with human females and there isn't enough time to cook up that steak I've had my eyes set on all day. Do not fear!! Blender meals are some of the quickest, yummiest, and healthiest meals you can make!

Here's an easy one I have all the time:

1 Banana
Handful of mixed berries(blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)
75g Greek Yogurt
250ml Skim Milk
1 Scoop Whey

The health benefits of blueberries are commonly heard. But raspberries and blackberries are also an AWESOME source of vitamins and antioxidants.
Toss everything in, blend it up, chug, and run out the door!! Easily done in 5 minutes.
Drink it right out of the blender, its way cooler and stuff.
So stop reading my blog, go buy a blender and some tupperware, and change your eating habits for the better by eliminating time constraint as an excuse!!!

I run my PARE test tomorrow for the RCMP application process, but after that I'll be back in the gym lifting heavy, and I'll try to get some good video footage for you guys!! CIAO.

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