Thursday, June 9, 2011

To do or not to do (Steroids)

There was a point in my life (about a year ago) that I was really debating whether to try steroids or not. A couple friends of mine had tried it with varying degrees of success. I did a lot of reading from both sides of the argument, and in the end I decided not to. I do not have anything against people who do use steroids, that's their choice. I don't think I'm better than them, or have some higher level of self confidence or morality. I just chose to go down a different path. And if you think it's as simple as injecting yourself and muscles appear, then you're silly. Those guys work their asses off too.

What made me decide to not use steroids? Some very motivating people, who have provided inspirational videos/pictures/and information about natural bodybuilding. That's actually been the reason behind me making this blog as well. If I can motivate even one person to change their lifestyle this blog will be worth it!

So without further ramblings from me, I'll leave you with the natural lifters who have provided me with a lot of the information and motivation to accomplish what little I have so far:

Jim Cordova
Inspirational natural physique, and some GREAT advanced training articles on his website.
Layne Norton
Just google his name, and you'll find a TON of great natural information.
A link to his blog and YouTube channel are on the right side of my blog. This guy is awesome!
Tuan Tran
Tuan has uploaded a ton of good YouTube videos, his channel link is on the right side of my blog

I know it's important for me to know that I'm getting my information from a natural source, just so I'm sure my body can handle it. So I figured I'd make this quick post to let you guys know that this blog is a source for natural information.

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  1. Wow dude sorry for sounding like a prick but none of those guys are natural. You have to be kidding me bro. You got an asian on there that looks like a beast. Asians produce the lowest testosterone out of all races yet he somehow looks like a monster. That's unrealistic. If you think these guys are natural you are a fool.