Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Current Diet and Supplementation

Hey guys, so I'm gonna show you what my current diet is like and what supplements I take, and why I take them!

I have five meals a day, breakfast is my biggest, the last meal is my smallest. I do weigh my food every once in a while to make sure my portions are roughly the right amount. But other than that I only follow a few simple rules.

1. Pre workout I avoid heavy proteins like steak, and opt for something lighter like Tilapia
2. Before bed I eat steak or greek yogurt because it will break down slower and last longer into the night, I also have slow burning carbs like oats
3. I try to avoid liquids a couple hours before bedtime if possible, because I hate mid night bathroom runs LOL

Protein Powder: ON Whey Gold Standard
Helps me get that extra protein in my diet, in a quick convenient form. 3 scoops max a day.

Carb Powder: Waxy Maize and Dextrose
I use these mixed with Whey for a post workout shake to help my body recover and start working on muscle repair.

Creatine: EFX Kre Alkalyn
Creatine has been a huge factor in my strength gains, I really like using this and I know for sure it helps me. The brand I use EFX Kre Alkalyn is a great brand and it doesn't break the bank. 1 pill pre workout, 1 post workout.

BCAA: SciVation Xtend
I started to look for something to drink during my workouts as I was feeling a bit drained mid way though. Especially when I had been at jiu jitsu earlier in the day. My research led me to BCAA powders and SciVation Xtend. I take 2 scoops during my workout and put 3-5 scoops in my 4litre jug that I drink throughout the day. It's definitely made an improvement in my energy levels.

Multivitamin: Multi Pro 32x
Multivitamins are essential. If you buy no other supplement, buy this. Don't get the shitty one a days either, make sure it's a good multi for athletes. 1 pill in the morning, 1 at night.

Other then that, I have glucosamine and fish oil pills to help with my joints. The fish oil pills do a TON of other good things too, I'll make a post just on them later. And also the Universal Torrent which is a post workout powder that I bought a while back, but I have to use it slowly as the regular dose (3 scoops) gives me a sick stomach because of the sugar.

So that's basically everything that goes into my body. I'm always looking to add to and improve my diet so I'm open to any suggestions!!


  1. Left a question here the other day. Now it's gone. Shit.

  2. It must not of sent! Re ask :-)

  3. Ah, well, I take fish oil, a multi (which I'll be upgrading from a crappy one-a-day to Pro 32x or something like it), and protein powder regularly. So my question was, for those of us who are "on a budget," a.k.a. poor, what one or two supplements besides the ones I just mentioned would you recommend? Creatine?

    Also, I'm sure you'll say yes, but is BJJ a good complement to lifting? I'm looking into taking it up. Are there pros and cons to adding BJJ to my weekly routine?

    Thanks for this resource! Really enjoying it so far.

  4. If you're on a budget I would only worrying about adding creatine. It's actually really cheap!


    There is a link to the stuff I take! It won't be too hard on your wallet at all :-).

    As far as BJJ goes, it doesn't really compliment a workout routine in terms of muscle growth. However I've found it to be really important in keeping my athleticism. BJJ keeps me flexible, in good cardiovascular condition, and it's a TON of fun, especially once you get some experience under your belt and you can start tossing around the bigger guys :-). Depending where you live, class prices can range anywhere from 70 a month to like 200 a month, so it can get pretty pricey! But I've got every dollars worth and more from training BJJ.

    Glad you're enjoying the blog!! And feel free to ask anything!!

  5. hey its been 5 months since i started weightlifting, should i finally start taking creatine? i only take protein powder (isopure zero carb) so i dont know.... btw im 18 years old, i weight about 155 pounds and im 6 ft tall.

  6. Hey Othon, I've found creatine to be a great product for me. If I were you I would get a bottle and try it out!!! Always remember though, that these are a supplement to a good diet. Without a good diet, supplements will only hurt your wallet :-)!!!

  7. thanks for the advice, ive alredy bought my creatine and started a proper diet, all thanks to you! i think your blog is really good btw.

  8. yo lockdown. question about multivitamins. currently i take one a day cuz i didnt know to get a different one. but if i take the ones formulated for athletes, will that be too much vitamins for someone who doesnt hit the gym regularly? im pretty active at my current job, i work stocking shelves at a grocery store, and i am frequently lifting between 25 and 50 lbs, and moving around quickly. my question is probably dumb but im a total noob

  9. You shouldn't switch to an athlete pill unless you're doing something extremely taxing like bodybuilding or another sport. Vitamins don't give you more energy, but they help your body repair the damage from the maximum efforts in bodybuilding/sports. If you got your diet in check, and with a one-a-day you'll be fine.

    It can actually be harmful to take the higher dose pills if you're not exerting yourself to extreme levels regularly. You can get a high level of toxicity in your body because of it.

    That was actually a really good question dude :P.